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[ON] Oshawa Now Open 👏
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  • [ALL] June Coupons Perks

    Exciting June Discount Coupon🔖 Event for Members Only! 👏🎉 We are thrilled to announce our exclusive June discount coupon event, available only to our valued members! 🔖Event Details: Duration: June 1st to June 30thEligibility: Members onlyCoupons Available: Up to 11 different types of discount coupons on bb.q chicken Free APP*Please note that items and pricing […]

  • [ALL] New Menu Launching KOKO POP

    📢We are excited to announce to launch of KOKO POP on March 25th.Be first to see and enjoy the new menu on 2024.3.25 👏 KOKO POP & Easter Promotion 🐰 Don’t miss out on our Easter Special!🔖Enjoy a $4 discount available exclusively during the Easter event.This offer is valid for Take out and Pick up orders only.Hop […]

  • [BC,AB] Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day Special Deal!Spend $40, get a Secret Sauce Bottle Free Experience the delightful fusion of sweet and spicy with our signature Secret Sauce.Its exquisite flavor seamlessly adapts and transforms, complementing each menu offering it accompanies (145ml) Promotion Details:▶ Applicable to: bb.q mobile app, Dine-In (In-Store Dining)▶ Date: 2024.02.14 ~ 2024.02.19 Don’t miss out on […]

  • [BC] Dine-In Special Deal

    Exciting News! Enjoy a 15% Discount on Dine-In We are launching a special promotion where you can now enjoy a 15% discount on dine-in at bb.q Chicken Alexandra Rd ! Promotion Details:▶ Discount Rate: 15% (Available on all menus except beverages)▶ Applicable to: Dine-In (In-Store Dining)▶ Date: 2024.02.16 ~ 2024.04.30 This exclusive promotion is applicable […]

  • [BC] Introduces First Signature Sauce Bottle

    We are excited to announce Our first retail product, Bottle Sauce – Secret Sauce!🎉 Our signature sauce is unique – the flavor melds and changes depending on which menu offering it’s accompanying.Whether it’s the savory taste of an chicken, Shrimp or any Fried Bites 👏 We are excited for our guests to discover their own […]

  • [BC] Langley H-Mart Closed

    STORE CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENT 📢 LANGLEY H-Mart IS now CLOSED. To our beloved customers, Thank you for the love you gave us. This shop-in-shop store will be closed, but we will come back with a store for people in Langley soon! Thank you.Best,

  • New Menu Launching Promotion

    📢 We’re excited to announce our new menu launch!.Be first to see and enjoy the new menu on 2023.11.20 👏 Caribbean Spice Chicken 🎉Launching Promotion🎉 🍻 + 🍗 = $23 Caribbean Spice Chicken (Boneless) + 2 Sapporo Pint (2 Can 500ml beer for Delivery) The event starts on the menu launch day 2023.11.20 (~2024.1.1) 🍗🍻Order […]

  • [Event] Halloween 🎃Promotion-Vampire Chicken

    To celebrate Halloween, we are excited to launch a special limited time only menu in October. Our signature spicy batter tossing with the hot and sweet sauce. (Bone-In only)Extremely spicy chicken, but tasty! 🔥🔥Vampire Chicken 🔥🔥 Challenge me, if you dare🤣😏 🍗🍻Order it Now!😈🔥

  • [Event] Menbosha 50% Off

    📅Event Period: 2023.10.01 – 2023.10.31📍Applicable stores: All over Canada🔖Event details: Spend $40 or more and Get 50% off Menbosha ($13 ▶ $6.5 for 6pcs) 📋Condition :– Available to Ueat and Sign-in members Only– Discount applies automatically Download Our App Today!📲

  • [Event] Chocolate balls $1.99

    Get Any Fried chicken! and Get 6pcs Chocolate balls for Only $1.99 ! 80% OFF 📅Event Period: 2023.10.01 – Until future notice📍Applicable stores: All over BC🔖Event details: When ordering chicken, 6 pieces of Chocolate balls $1.99📋Condition : – Available to Ueat and In Store only. – Excluding Wings (Available Boneless, Bone-in) 🍗🍻Order it Now!